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The “shasha project", shaking and shaping up Lisbon, was a digital media devices workshop, which took place in Lisbon between the 5th and the 9th of February 2018. This project was organised by Patrick dos Santos and Patrícia Gouveia and is the first part of a dual workshop between two different schools, the Fine Arts Faculty from Lisbon University (FBAUL) and École Estienne Paris (ESAIG).


The aim of the project was to discover and map Lisbon for the creation of a mobile application in

order to have an exceptional perception of the city. Ten groups, with three French and two Portuguese students each, worked together for the creation of a disruptive and experimental project.

Four French teachers, Éric Boisseau, Patrick dos Santos, Patrick Pleutin and Sophie Bourly, guided students on their project creation during five days. They were assisted at FBAUL by the group of Portuguese teachers, António Sousa Dias, Mónica Mendes and Patrícia Gouveia, and two technical staff members, Fernando Fadigas and Alexandre Alagôa.

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Estienne Paris

Design & Development by Rafael Miranda, Samuel Silveira and Sílvia Pinho

Supported by MAAT